An improv teacher might have told you "Don't ask questions."
It's okay here, really.

What’s with the name, “Mad Cowford”?

Before the area was called Jacksonville, it was marked on maps as “Cow’s Ford” or “Cowford.” ‘Twas a harsher but simpler time then, before we got named for a man who never, if we are to be technical, even visited here. 


If we want to hire you for our event, what are your rates?

Please message us at for more information and we will work with you and give you options and pricing ranges. Each situation is unique for its content, number of players needed, and length of time. We are available for improv performances, improv workshops, corporate events and more. Sometimes people don’t even know what they want, and we will work with them to deliver the best product we can.


How age-appropriate are your shows and workshops?

Our regular shows are PG-13. Our goal is to provide smart comedy that does not skew to unnecessary vulgarity and language. But, content can be adult and sometimes words are used or we acknowledge the existence of sex. There is also a bar, which acknowledges the consumption of alcohol. Occasionally the audience shouts a suggestion that you might not feel comfortable with your grandmother hearing.

Workshops have people of all ages, but we recommend students be at least 14 before taking our workshops. 

We’ve done shows and workshops for children, and in churches, and we will act appropriate to our audience. Please contact us if you have any concerns.  


How do I become a part of Mad Cowford?

We hold auditions annually and invite performers into the troupe. Most of our current cast went through our classes before auditioning and being invited.  


I have prior improv experience. Can I skip a level of classes?

Our preference is that all new students begin with the introductory level class. We know that different theatres and cities teach improv differently and have different focuses. We have found it is beneficial when students share the same vocabulary and have been taught similarly. We believe that all players should have a foundation of trust, listening, character work, and scenic agreement before progressing to the next levels of our classes. If you do have significant improv experience, please message us. We ask for: background on the theatre or group you are coming from, the classes/performances you have done, as well as a recommendation from a coach or director. 


I just want to dip my toe in the water, or see if improv is for me. What do you suggest?

Come watch a Friday night show at The Hourglass Pub. Or come to the Bold City Improv Jam at Rain Dogs in 5 Points. The Jam is every Wednesday starting around 8 and features performances followed by a freestyle improv jam. Sign your name to the board at the show and you’ll get to be onstage in a fun, supportive environment. 

We also occasionally teach or host visiting teachers for Master Classes or one-off workshops. Check our website or social media for announcements of those classes.


I like books. What do you recommend to learn more?

The first improv book our Director Johnny read was “Truth In Comedy” by Del Close, Charna Halpern, and Kim Johnson. It’s still a great book to start with to understand the basics of improvisation. For more performance-focused mechanics, we’d recommend starting with the “Upright Citizen’s Brigade Comedy Improvisation Manual” or Mick Napier’s “Improvise: Scene From the Inside Out.”

I experienced sexual harassment by someone in class or from a member of Mad Cowford. How do I address this?

This should not have happened. Mad Cowford takes sexual harassment seriously. If you believe you have experienced or observed sexual harassment, you can report it anonymously HERE. 

Do you do sketch comedy?

We do. Check here or our social media accounts for more information on our sketch based shows. 


I’ve gotten this far, but I have one more question: is this stand-up?