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Sign up for Mad Cowford's Spring Improv Passport Class Series! Various instructors will teach two-hour Workshops focusing on specific improv skills and topics including scene work, character development, space work, and more!  

Register for each class a la carte for just $25 or get over 15% off by registering for the entire series for $105 by selecting PASSPORT CLASS SERIES in the dropdown menu.

Classes are held on Monday nights from 6:30pm – 8:30pm at Arlington Congregational Church, 431 University Blvd N, Jacksonville, Florida 32211


May 6, 2019: "Let's Get Physical--The Art of Physical Improv" with Jack Bisson

May 13, 2019: “Resuscitate Your Scene” with Rachel Stromberg

May 20. 2019: “Before the Game: Initiations, Building, and Openings” with Sebastian Inks

June 3, 2018: Game and Pattern” with Sebastian Inks

June 10, 2019: “Carving Out Characters--Playing Characters with Depth and Dimension” with Jack Bisson

Let's Get Physical-The Art of Physical Improv: Participants will explore the physical side of improv, which allows performers to represent a broader range of the human experience than just dialogue alone. By incorporating space work and physicality, you’re able to free your mind and stay more in the moment. Take the pressure off having to think of the “right” thing to say, and instead react more honestly. Expect to sweat and develop the mindset needed to return to the body again and again.

Important: Wear cool clothes that allow you to move comfortably, athletic shoes, and bring water. 


Resuscitate Your Scene:  Every once in a while, you can get lost in an improv scene. You may get stuck in your head, shut down, and feel anxious not knowing what to do next.  You my start to panic, lose focus and start throwing in ideas that take it off course. This workshop will focus on a few basic tips to help you get back on track and salvage the scene.  



Before the Game: Initiations, Building, and Openings:  In this workshop, we'll practice Organic and Premise-Based long form improv.  Organic improv uses no opening and is based on a single word suggestion. The players mutually discover the unusual thing to build the scene on Premise-based improv uses an opening to create ideas and premises based on the suggestion.   



Game and Pattern: Finding the game” means to discover and recognize the unique things that present themselves to you in a scene.  It may be something said, a physical reaction, or an obvious “mistake.” Then, you and your scene partner explore and heighten those unique discoveries together.Finding the game this way will reveal great ideas you can explore together rather than being pressured to invent an idea to add to a scene.



Carving Out Characters--Playing Characters with Depth and Dimension:  Improvisers often associate character work with finding big, funny characters that can gobble up the stage. Here the focus is on distinct, opinionated characters that may or may not be larger-than-life. Characters that are going to exist in a multi-dimensional longform world need to be multi-dimensional themselves if they are going to thrive in their fourth scene just as strongly as their first.



Learn the creative art of improv in a fun, safe environment.
  • 1: Let The Fun Begin! An Introduction to Improv 
  • 2: Connect and Explore-Scenes with Two or More
  • 6: Introduction to Musical Improv
  • PASSPORT SERIES: Individual Classes 

8 Mondays from 6:30-8:30
ALL CLASSES @Arlington Congregational Church, 
431 University Boulevard North, Jacksonville, FL

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Space is Limited!)
"The skills taught in this improv class are applicable to any situation that involves relationship, risk-taking, listening, openness, communication, and spontaneity." - Lisa M. 

"For anyone wanting to start in comedy, this is a great start! Not to mention, skills like learning to listen and pay attention are skills you can always use on a daily basis. So much fun, and the laughter is better than therapy!" - Ellen F.

"This is a course that would benefit anyone! If you’re shy are anxious it will help you to deal with that in a safe way. If you closed, a bully or don’t talk to folks easily, it will give you the skills to really be present. If you’re a comedian, public speaker or teacher in teaches how to engage and involve your audience. Just an outstanding course." - Student

"The teachers provide a safe, fun, and supportive environment where players at all levels feel warmly welcomed by both their teachers and peers. The fundamentals of improv are broken down in easy-to-learn games that are addictive and incredibly fun to play! What are you waiting for? All you have to do is say, "yes, and...!" -Sam C. 

"One of the best things I ever did." Melanie M.

"Responding to job interview questions is now a breeze. There is nothing a potential employer can ask in an interview that can throw me off my game now that I know how to be in the moment and "yes, and" and "think ping pong, not chess!" - Student

"This class allowed me to get over my social anxiety and fear of being in the spotlight. I was able to break out of my shell and explore my creativity." - Student
"Mad Cowford Improv workshops enhance your skills of consideration, collaboration, conversation, and commitment. They encourage you to get our of your head and respect what is in front of you. When we all talk, and all increase the volume of the conversation, we end up with chaos.  Improv helps you understand when to pause, listen and stop talking. The world needs more improv!" -Steve P., Author, Facilitator, Retired Professor 
Classes Began April 1, 2019!  
Cost: (Introduction or "Connect and Explore") $150 
Cost: (Musical) $175

Step right up and try something creative and fun! Take an improv class and learn in a safe, positive environment:

1:  Let The Fun Begin! An Introduction to Improv (No Prerequisite) 

This class is the beginning of our core curriculum and introduces you to Mad Cowford’s improvisational style and approach to the craft.   

This course is for anyone. No experience required. This class introduces students to the fundamentals of improvisation by concentrating on the basic building blocks of spontaneous comedy. Students will learn how to say “yes, and…,” initiate and commit to scenes, explore and heighten ideas, and focus on basic relationship building and character work. Excellent for writers, performers, and non-performers.  

You will leave this class with improved communication skills, increased confidence, and new perspective on innovative thinking. More importantly, you will have an amazing amount of fun, play, and make new friends!

2: Connect and Explore-Scenes With Two or More: (Prerequisite–Introduction to Improv) 

This class will teach you the techniques you need to hop into any scene and hold your own. You will develop essential skills for the foundations of short form and long form improv.  You will build on your strengths as an improviser as we dive into the world of two-person scenes and discover how to fully engage with your team on stage as an ensemble. 

This program will focus on playing proactively, taking risks, making strong initiations, character-based reactions, finding the core focus of your scene, committing to your creation, making it more real, providing team support, scene editing, and HAVING FUN while you play!

Student graduation performance at the end of the workshop. 

3: Shall We Play a Game?: Improv Games (Prerequisite – Connect and Explore-Scenes With Two or More) (This class is not being offered for the April 2019 session. Please check back next round!)

This course is a student favorite that teaches the techniques of improv games and "short form" improvisation, You will learn the same games that are performed during Mad Cowford Improv shows! 

Student graduation performance at the end of the workshops.

4: Structured Long Form Improv (Prerequisite – Connect and Explore-Scenes With Two or More) (This class is not being offered for the April 2019 session. Please check back next round!)

Apply what you’ve learned to create long form scenes. This workshop includes exercises in the fundamental structural components of long form: base foundation, scene work, group games, patterns, offers, and relationships. Stage longer scenes with recurring themes and rich characters. Students will learn how fully formed characters will enhance and inform performance and will work together as an ensemble and build “the group mind.”

Student graduation performance at the end of the workshops.

5: The Harold! (Prerequisite – Structured Long Form) (This class is not being offered for the April 2019 session. Please check back next round!)

This course will be a smaller class limited to eight students and will introduce learners to the improv format that put IO on the map. In The Harold, performers will develop multiple characters,  scenes and story lines, that connect to create one unified piece. The form is both challenging and rewarding and is a great teaching tool to maximize your improv skills to master almost every other form of improv. 

Student graduation performance at the end of the workshops.

6: Introduction to Musical Improv (Prerequisite – "Improv in Performance" or "Connect and Explore") 

This introductory class explores musical themes and allows anyone, with or without musical training, to unlock their creative potential.  Includes exercises that encourage you to think quickly on your feet and in verse, as well as understand the mechanics of creating songs. No singing experience necessary.  

Student graduation performance at the end of the workshops. 

Coached House Team: (Prerequisite – Audition/Invitation) (This class is not being offered this round. Please check back next round!) 

A learning model for more advanced improv students to develop long form skills more intensively by working with a coach and receiving more specific/constructive feedback for performance improvement. Includes multiple performance opportunities.

If you want to sign up, please use the menu below to register! If you have any questions, email Rachel at to say "Yes!  And.."
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